economic development lewis-clark valley
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The Lewis-Clark Valley offers a high quality of life that ensures a stable quality workforce. Here you’ll find a comfortable feeling, where 35,000 people in the labor force blend their skills, talents and expertise to create a productive environment for business.

In this setting, there has been a steady influx of individuals and families seeking a clean, less complicated lifestyle where they know their neighbors, escape long commutes with traffic jams, and still have the opportunity for business growth.

Local governments have planned for the growth that’s occurring. Zoned land, available industrial and research parks, utility capacity, natural resource management and transportation are all factors that have received attention in planning for new industry and population. Two universities, a 4-year college and a community college provide a diverse curriculum in continuing education for employees of growing businesses. This dimension is one way we return big dividends to employers. And our two-state environment provides ready access to a variety of financial resources to support training.

Civilian Labor Force by County
Nez Perce & Asotin Counties (ID & WA) 31,990
Whitman County (WA) 22,850
Latah County (ID) 19,775
Idaho County (ID) 6,640
Clearwater County (ID) 2,935
Lewis County (ID) 1,600
Garfield County (WA) 861
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economic development lewis-clark valley
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