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313 D. Street, Suite 201, Lewiston, ID


McCann Ranch

Posted August 21, 2020
  • Acreage: 100 acres: part or all available
  • Zoning: Zoned F-2 (farm) and C-4 (commercial) which, is on the east side, a conditional use permit will be needed for manufacturing.
  • Infrastructure: Two-lane highway adjacent to property, water and wastewater nearby
  • Utilities: Although not to the property all are in close proximity and can be easily extended to service the site.  In addition storm water management will be handled on site.
  • Comprehensive Plan:  Comprehensive plan compatible yes. If the entirety of the site is to be zoned M-1 or Port (to avoid conditional use in C-4, the portion of the site east of 18th St N extended will require a comprehensive plan amendment.
  • Subdivision Plan: If the client chooses to purchase less that the entire site, a land division will be required.
economic development lewis-clark valley
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